Invent With Us

Invent with us

Rane can offer decades of experience in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry to aid in the development of new effective drugs. As your partner, we can accelerate your drug discovery efforts to meet your timelines. We operate with a commitment to providing reliable and accountable services that produce an incredible result at a reasonable price for our customers.

We see our facilities as a place of innovative and inventive collaboration and so we communicate thoroughly with our clients at every stage of the project's process. Detailed notebooks of the process are kept of the results, including failures of any trials to ensure that every step can be reproduced if necessary for scaling up.

Reliable service is the cornerstone of what we do. We understand the precision and specificity needed in the research and development process of treatment drugs. Each client is given individualized attention, where their needs are carefully assessed and considered throughout the process.

We keep costs low by offering a reasonable price for full-time employees, and value confidentiality. Rane Pharmaceuticals is proud to have decades of experience that prove you can rely on our service for your preclinical research, development, and scale-up needs.

Invent With Us